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Die Wurzeln des Handwerks: Eine Rückbesinnung auf traditionelle Werte in einer digitalen Welt

Made by Hand: The Values ​​of Traditional Ceramic Crafts

The roots of craftsmanship

The advantages of digitalization and machine mass production are obvious. Less visible, but still omnipresent, is the sensory overload and digital exhaustion that is almost inherent in us. No wonder that more and more people are turning to traditional values ​​and longing for times that were slower and less colorful.

In our Studio, here in the historic old town of Hallein, we try to create products that help you forget the noisy hustle and bustle of our world.

The potter's wheel, a symbol of ancient crafts, is our instrument of choice. This 6,000-year-old technique allows us to bring out the character of each piece while maintaining the continuity of craftsmanship.

In contrast to the increasing standardization of our world, we consciously aim to avoid machine perfection. Molds may be efficient, but they overlay the unique personality of each creation. It is a decision to bypass modern manufacturing methods and commit to the authenticity of the craftsmanship.

This principle is particularly visible in our glazes. Only by producing the glazes ourselves is it possible for us to achieve the visual depth in our pieces that underlines the handcrafted character of the ceramics.

But these are not purely aesthetic decisions; rather, they are an expression of our belief that high-quality craftsmanship should leave a lasting impression

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