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Zwei Testkacheln mit einer grünen Nuka Glasur

The alchemy of oxidation: the revival of ash glazes

The ash glaze takes on a special significance for me, as it creates a link between the historical ceramic tradition and modern applications in oxidation firing. Its simplicity, based on a few original raw materials, lends it an authenticity. At the same time, its unpredictability creates a fascinating tension, as the result of the firing process always holds a certain surprise.

Ash glazes are rooted in the millennia-old history of ceramics and embody the spirit of discovery and curiosity of the old masters. For modern ceramists, it offers a deep connection to historical craftsmanship.

As the ceramic landscape, technology and knowledge of the underlying chemistry has evolved, so has predictability. But with it also the danger of stagnation.
The often so sterile oxidation firing, which is able to remove any element of artistic tension from the ceramic through its reliability, becomes a dynamic stage again through the random element of the ashes on which each piece becomes a unique composition of texture and color.

Walking the fine line between control and surrender, the artisans celebrate imperfection as the kilns produce textures and colors that defy conventional expectations. The unpredictable nature of ash glazes becomes a source of inspiration, inviting ceramicists to embrace the unknown and discover beauty in unexpected results.
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