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Pottery without a wheel

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Pottery course on panel and construction techniques (3 hours)

Discover pottery without a wheel, with slab- and handbuilding techniques. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn techniques that can be easily used at home.

Course duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: Up to 6 participants

In this course you can expect:

  • The exciting world of slab- and handbuilding techniques that enable you to create unique ceramic pieces.
  • Practical instructions for making ceramics without using a potter's wheel

The course includes:

  • Material and biscuit firing
  • Coffee, tea and snacks


Since the clay needs some time to dry, glazing and glaze firing are not included in the course. We can arrange your own appointment for this.

Optionally, we offer you the opportunity to have your created pieces glazed by us for a small additional charge, depending on the effort involved.

Register now and discover the creative world of plate and construction technology in pottery. We look forward to turning your ideas into reality!