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Handmade in Austria

In our small workshop here in Hallein, we create useful everyday objects on the potter's wheel. We want to show that form and function are not opposites.

Tableware set in grey
A little information about our crockery
Our crockery is made of stoneware and is:
  • handmade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Insensitive to acids and alkalis
  • Fired hard and dense in high firing
  • Tested in the laboratory link to the declaration of conformity


Stoneware is hard, dense and very robust when processed correctly. This makes it perfect for utility ceramics.
Stoneware garden decoration is hardy and can be left outside all year round.


All glazes we use come from our own production and have been tested in a laboratory to ensure they are harmless.
Link to the declaration of conformity
Glazes are an important issue. Due to their composition, they can be extremely hazardous to health. A ceramist/dealer should always be able to provide detailed compositional information.
If you are interested, we would be happy to provide more information on the subject.